5pm, Feb 26.


5pm, Feb 26.



You will receive a 30 minute live portrait session, and one original 8"x10" oil on canvas custom portrait delivered by mail.

Partial proceeds from each portrait purchased in February will be donated to Planned Parenthood. 

*Portrait sessions are approximately 30 minutes long. 

*Please ensure that you have a good Wifi coercion at the time of your Portrait session. 

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What you need to know 

*When you purchase your portrait session please note that you are participating in an online art & charity project. This means that your portrait, image and name may be included on my website and in social network posts such as Facebook and Instagram.
*Your portrait will be painted in oil paint on canvas and will require some drying time. Please allow a 10 day drying period before shipping. 

How it works:

1- Select preferred time and date 

2- Fill out required fields

3- Where ever you are be ready for your video appointment at scheduled time 

Upon booking participants receive an automated confirmation email, and a personalized email or text reminder one day before the session. 

What to expect during your appointment

1-  I will video call each participant at the time of their appointment. 

2- There will be a brief introduction and consultation

3- I will paint a 30 minute portrait of participant 

Each participant will receive their original portrait via Standard Canada Post. 

How to prepare for your portrait session

*you will receive a personal email or text reminder 1 day before your appointment. 

1- Most importantly, please ensure that you are logged in, and that your device is on and fully charged at the time of your scheduled booking. 

2- Try to be in a well lit location where you can be uninterrupted for a 30-45 minute duration. 

3- Consider your clothing and background for your portrait. 

3- (optional) research & prepare for your preferred topics of conversation